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This video is an explanation of a bug bounty report submitted to the Apple bug bounty program about a chain of four 0-days that resulted in a uXSS (universal cross-site scripting) in the Safari browser. The attack resulted in every single page in Safari being compromised. The reported, Ryan Pickren, got a bug bounty of $100,500 for reporting this bug.

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Reporter’s Linkedin:

00:00 Intro
00:33 Blaze Information Security – the sponsor of the video
01:10 What is a Web Archive format?
01:44 What is a universal cross-site scripting (uXSS)?
02:30 Delivering the file to the victim using ShareBear application and icloud-sharing:// scheme
04:38 Bypassing Gatekeeper
05:52 Predicting the path of downloaded file
06:40 The whole exploit

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